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At the start of each school year, I work with students on formulating a set of  “Library Agreements.”**  As a group, we work on what ways we can agree to be together in the Library in order to have a peaceful and productive year.  (You can read more about this year’s opening lesson in my blogpost “Let’s Do Yoga!”)

For my first grade students, this sets the stage for a longer unit on peace in the Library.  Our “A Peaceful Library” unit begins with learning to meditate, using the Peaceful Piggy books by Kerry Lee MacLean.  Then, we read a wonderful National Geographic picture book by Barbara Kerley. 

Using Kerley’s photographs in A Little Peace, we take a look at people all over the world engaged in a variety of peaceful activities.   Then, the students brainstorm how they each find “a little peace” at school, so we can make our own “book.”  We go all over the campus and take photographs of our class engaged in their brainstormed peaceful activities.  I put it all into a Photostory and add the song “We Want Peace on Earth” by Robert Alan.  You can watch this year’s slideshow here: A Little Peace Video.

Enjoy! (And let me know what you think!)

**This idea came from my colleague who attended the Peaceable Schools Institute at Lesley University.


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