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At the 2013 AISL Conference, I’ll be doing a workshop on integrating meditation and peace studies into your curriculum. This Baltimore area  conference runs from Wednesday, April 24- Friday, April 26, 2013. My workshop will be held on Thursday, April 25th in Annapolis. More information can be found here, and I’ve pasted a workshop description below. See you there!

A Peaceful Library: Integrating Meditation and Peace Studies into Lower School Curriculum

During this session, Angela Baccala, Pre and Lower School Librarian at the Key School, will present two units oriented around peace and social justice. In one unit, Angela teaches meditation to first graders, as a way of setting the tone for a peaceful classroom. Then, after sharing of literature on the theme of world peace, the students find their own ways to integrate peace into their lives at school. In a third grade unit, with a focus on dictionary skills, the children explore the meaning of the word “peace” through literature and art. Both units seamlessly integrate peace studies with language arts, technology, and art. Angela will discuss ways to integrate meditation and life skills topics within a variety of disciplines, and how teachers can work together toward such an integrated approach.


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